Saturday, March 26, 2005

Kentucky Guard Unit fights off terrorists

BLACKFIVE: After Action Report - Raven 42 Ambushed! A report of -to me at least - stunning engagement between some National Gurard soldiers and a group of 40 or so terrorists.
on the southeastern outskirts of Baghdad, 40 to 50 heavily-armed Iraqi insurgents attacked a convoy of 30 civilian tractor trailer trucks that were moving supplies for the coalition forces, along an Alternate Supply Route.
The Guard troops rushed into the ambush, drawing fire away from the trucks and opening fire on the terrorists.

The whole thing is worth a look.

Blackfive mentioned that this would be in the regular news, and so I did a search and found some positive stories about the event. The usual suspects - NYTimes, WaPo, etc. - of course seem to be silent on this issue. At least I couldn't turn up anything.

[hat tip Anti-idiotarian Rottweiler]

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