Wednesday, March 02, 2005

More reporting hysteria over Tyler, Texas shooting

Don't get me wrong; what happened in Tyler, Texas was a tragedy. Mark Wilson is a hero. The elder Mr. Arroyo is a monster. But the news media can't get over their fixation on the gun, or in this case, the ammunition.

KLTV 7 Tyler-Longview-Jacksonville, TX: Investigators Find Another Gun, Overwhelming Amount Of Ammunition In Arroyo's Truck.

A separate bolt-action rifle loaded with 5 rounds was found in Arroyo's truck.
Police also found two loaded 30 round magazines.

It was in boxes that police discovered 180 rounds and 10 loose rounds.
So 250 rounds is an overwhelming amount of ammo, even when 180 is still in boxes. The two 30-round magazines could have caused trouble if he had been able to use them.

When I buy ammo, I usually buy a case of 1000 rounds. I do this because it is (usually) cheaper to buy a case than it is to buy boxes of 50 rounds. Shooting a couple of hundred rounds at the range is not hard to do. If you shoot .22 long rifle cartridges, you can buy a box of 550 rounds - it about the size of a single-serving milk container - at your local Big Box discount store for less than 10 bucks. Would this be an overwhelming amount?

Results of a search of Arroyo's home will be released today. I wonder what these reporters will have to say, if Mr. Arroyo loads his own ammunition? Probably that he has an "ammunition factory" in his home. (Most people who have the space do their own loading or reloading as it's called - it is both much cheaper to make handloads, and you can get much more accurate ammunition if you load your own cartridges.)

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