Sunday, March 13, 2005

Nottinghamshire (UK) police in longstanding crisis

Telegraph | News | Police chief: we cannot cope with violent crime. This guy sounds frustrated. A cop trying to do a job, is forced to keep his people off the street doing clerical work. Why? Because of Labour party reforms.
Steve Green, the Chief Constable of Nottinghamshire, said that among the principal causes of the crisis were Government reforms that compelled him to use officers for clerical tasks instead of front-line duties.
So the folk's in London are dictating everything about the way this local police department must be run. What a surprise that those dictates are causing problems. (Doesn't the central government always know what is best?)

This isn't petty crime they're dealing with. Mr. Green says that there are a number of murders his detectives cannot get to.
Nottinghamshire residents are also three times more likely than the national average to have their car broken into, four times as likely to be burgled, almost five times as likely to be robbed, and twice as likely to suffer sexual attack. Nottinghamshire was also among the bottom four of under-performing forces in official figures last year.
Of course this problem is not limited to one area.

Why do I care? Because this is the type of thing that happens when the people in the central government try to control everything. Washington is doing the same type of thing that London is doing in this example, but Washington is doing it with the public schools. (Find a public school teacher, buy them lunch and ask them to talk about "No Child Left Behind." Even if you discount half of what they say, it is still bad for all concerned.)

Politicians will never admit it, but the people need to understand that smaller government is generally better government, and then hold the politicians to it.

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