Friday, March 18, 2005

Ohio gun law might undergo revision

Gun law might undergo revision As I noted earlier, Ohio has had concealed carry for about a year. There are some problems. The big 2 are
  1. Drivers must either lock their guns up, or have them "visible to others in the car and to officers who approach the car." Makes it difficult to have a weapon while driving. And repeated handling in a situation like that can only lead to accidental discharges.

  2. The press said that they needed access to the list of permit holders so they could verify that no felon got a permit. What they have done is repeatedly publish the list of permit holders. (The list was not made available to the general public due to security concerns.)
Anyway what it really surprising about this article is that it not only comes from the Cincinnati Enquirer, but that it is completely unbaised. A statement of what the facts are, what the complaints are and what Bill's originall sponsor has to say. They didn't even include the required quote from some anti-gun group. (The Cincinnati Enquirer is not - or has not been - the most objective of news sources about guns.)

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