Saturday, April 02, 2005

The Rules Don't Apply to Star Athletes

Ex-roommate reports ASU knew of fight with Wade. Wonder why so many professional athletes seem to get into trouble? It is because they have been getting into trouble for years, but were given a break because "the team needs them."

Now Loren Wade is under arrest for murder, and teammate is dead. But this wasn't the first time he was violent. In 2002 he sent his roommate to the hospital with a concussion.
Since 2002, Wade may have violated the university's code of conduct - by "endangering, threatening or causing physical harm to any member of the university community" - as many as seven times. Athletic department officials knew of at least three of them before the March 26 homicide.
Rules apply, but not to sports heroes. And so they break more and more rules until someone dies. I hope Arizona State University - the school involved - gets sued for negligence. This kid should have been sent home years before.

At ASU, it appears that football really is a matter of life and death. [hat tip Keep and Bear Arms]

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