Sunday, July 31, 2005

Combating Domestic Violence

Oralndo Sentinel: Domestic killings in Central Florida show no sign of letup While the news is not good, at least some of the judicial and law-enforcement establishment are owning up to their limitations.

Instead of claiming that restraining orders and police protection is enough, some are going farther to urge women to see to their own defense.
Volusia Circuit Court Judge Richard Graham tells anyone seeking an injunction against a violent partner that the court order is only a piece of paper.

"Anyone willing to commit murder is not going to worry about going to jail for contempt of court," Graham said.
The article focuses on shelters, as the Orlando Sentinel always does. In this case, advocating shelters as they admit court orders have problems.
"For some survivors, getting an injunction for protection [a restraining order] will actually make things worse, and for others it is the very thing that will save their life," said Gail Patin, chief executive officer of Harbor House, a shelter in a confidential location for abuse victims in Orange County.
They certainly perform a needed function, but sooner or later you must leave the shelter, and then you need to look to your own security. Or you may become another statistic:
Fawn Sue Trivette, 28, was stabbed to death this week with a knife and then a sword. The Orlando woman's boyfriend told police he killed her after an argument.

Monica Jean Greene, 33, ran screaming through her Port Orange apartment complex last month before she was shot at least six times. Her husband, whom she had divorced the day before, has been charged with first-degree murder.

Lisa Morales, 34, was found by Osceola County deputy sheriffs in April, stabbed in the neck, chest and face. Her boyfriend, who is charged with first-degree murder, told police he was angry because Morales wanted to move back to Puerto Rico.
A gun for self-defense may not have saved these women, but little else could have.

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Anonymous said...

thats my mom , lisa morales, i am one of her daughters, it was a really hard moment for the three of us. May god have her in is glory