Sunday, July 31, 2005

If Guns Cause Crime, why is Switzerland so Safe?

The left is once again showing their true colors as gun grabbers. After one Presidential Campaign, in which they tried to change their spots, they are back to pushing their gun-control agenda. From gun Bans in the Senate, to ranting about gunshow loop-holes, little seems to have changed on the left since Kerry tried to convince us he was "a friend to the Second Amendment." (Not that any of us believed him.)

In Of Guns and Men, Eric Ross, raises some questions the "Guns cause crime" crowd should have to answer, but never do. How do you explain the large amount of firepower and the low amount of crime in Switzerland? If guns cause crime, Switzerland should be a war zone.
Let’s look at ... Switzerland. Tourists are astonished to see citizens carrying military rifles in public, especially at the time of a rifle competition, Schuetzenfest (shooting festival) in town. You may see men and women, old and young, even children as young as 12, carrying rifles over their shoulders on the streets, right past the police stations.
In fact, Switzerland has more firepower per person than any country in the world, and an average Swiss citizen has more firepower than available to combat troops in many armies. Yet, Switzerland is one of the safest places on the planet, a country where crime is virtually non-existent.
But the average man or woman in the street doesn't know this. It doesn't come up in the gun control debate, or if it does, it isn't reported by the MSM. Who being on the left are in favor of gun bans without question.

Why is it, if guns cause crime the way Sen. Feinstein would have you believe, that Switzerland does not have high crime? Or could it be that guns don't cause crime?

Are countries that outlaw guns safer than those that don't? History and Statistics are not on the side of the gun grabbers. The United Kingdom has for example basically outlawed all handguns and made the use of the few long guns still in private hands illegal to be used for self-defense. Are they safer? No. Britain has the highest crime rate of the 20 top industrialized nations (as reported by the UN).

History is also not on the side of the gun grabbers, since outlawing private arms has been followed by some horrible atrocities.
That’s what the Bolsheviks did in 1917 when they usurped power. They confiscated guns, then turned Soviet Russia into the bloodiest tyranny in history. They had a nicely-worded Constitution, not unlike the U.S., they were a “Democracy” – tens of thousands of “people’s representatives” to the Soviets (People’s Councils) were at the helm of the legislative and executive power, and… they used mass terror, wiping out about 40 million of their own people to keep the rest in obedience. Ref.
Of course the fact that American Schools no longer teach history, means the left doesn't have to confront the facts surrounding gun control in old Soviet Union, or under the Third Reich in Germany and Poland, or in Kosovo, ... The left need not reflect on the fact that gun control in this country was mostly concerned with keeping weapons out of the hands of blacks, to make them defenseless in the face of groups like the Klan. Without those inconvienent facts, the left is free to pursue gun control with the help of the MSM.

Why has the increase in gun ownership in the this country been associated with a drastic reduction of crime? If "Guns Cause Crime" then crime should have been rising for 10 years; it should not be near 30-year lows.

Why does Switzerland have such low crime? With all of those evil, nasty, military weapons (those are full auto, not semi-auto in Switzerland) are they not awash in crime?

Why does the left never have to answer the hard questions about gun control?
[Hat tip Keep and Bear Arms]

Update: August 2, 2005

Some of you are questioning the crime rate in Switzerland. Courtesy of the National Center for Policy Analysis, we have the following:
Switzerland had a homicide rate of 1.2 per 100,000 population and a robbery rate of 36 per 100,000.

Almost half of those crimes were committed by non-resident foreigners -- whom locals call "criminal tourists."

By comparison, Britain -- which has strict gun control laws -- had a homicide rate in 1994 of 1.4 per 100,000 and a robbery rate of 116 per 100,000.

Although Switzerland has local shooting contests for boys and girls ages 12 to 16, there have been no school massacres in the country.
So for the Swiss living in Switzerland, even though there are many available guns, have a very small crime rate when you remove the "criminal tourist" element.

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