Friday, July 22, 2005

Now the police can't tell the criminals from the victims

One Shot During Dispute I would usually label this "Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0," but this continues the lack of distinction between who is a victim, and who is not.

Bradley Plank assaulted his girlfriend, his cousin, Chris Plank - who lived next door - and James Newton, who lived nearby. The fact that Bradley Plank was shot once to end the rampage does not make him a victim!

Bradley assaulted his girlfriend, who ran next door to where Chris (the cousin) lived. Bradley followed and assaulted both his girlfriend and his cousin. They then ran to the home of James Newton. Bradley followed, stopping only to break all of the windows out of his cousin's car. Bradley then proceeded to assault Newton and his cousin. Chris Plank retrieved a gun and shot his cousin Bradley once.

Bradley is not a victim; Bradley is a violent criminal. Chris obviously acted in self-defense. Police may charge Bradley once they can talk to him. He is in hospital in serious condition.

But Sequoyah County Sheriff Johnny Philpot is confused about who is the victim.
"There may be charges filed against the victim," Philpot said, noting that Bradley Plank's girlfriend was injured in the domestic assault.
The cousin, Chris Plank was a victim. James Newton, the neighbor, was a victim. The girlfriend is most decidedly a victim of domestic violence. Bradley Plank is not a victim. I wish that people in the press and law enforcement could get this right. If you attack me (or present a reasonable threat of imminent death or grave bodily injury), and I defend myself, you are not a victim, even if I kill you in self-defense.

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