Sunday, October 30, 2005

Attacks against the defenseless

Georgetown Tightens Security After String of Attacks - WTOP Radio Georgetown University tightens security after several attacks including 2 sexual assaults.

But we can't empower the students to protect themselves... no no no. Guns on campus? We can't have that... Wait, we already do. Of course by outlawing guns, only the outlaws have guns.

But we would have to allow people in Washington, D.C. to be armed? We can't have that. Wait, we already do have guns in DC. Its just that they are all in the hands of criminals.

When will the left wise up to the fact that by disarming the law-abiding you only make them easy prey for the criminals? Probably never. England and Scotland, Canada and Australia are all testament to that truth. But you will never see the left discuss facts. Not when it comes to their beloved gun-control.

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