Tuesday, November 01, 2005

83-year-old Shoots Intruder in his Home

Vindy.com - Man, 83, discusses shooting at home. Walter Swita, of Youngstown, Ohio, shot Benjamin Brooks, 44 after Brooks attacked Swita from behind as he was unlocking his door. Brooks died of his injuries shortly after being shot.

The news report makes much of the fact that Swita said he didn't care if his attacker was alive. Why should he?

Of course the police took his weapon, leaving him defenseless if any of Brooks friends come calling. How is an 83-year-old to defend himself from young attackers without a firearm? (And it was plural - witnesses said 2 other men ran away after hearing the shots.) Even if he had a cell phone, would the police have been able to get to his home before he was seriously injured? The gun-controllers would leave this man helpless in the face of violence. [via KABA]

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