Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Best Weapon Is the One You Have

Inside Bay Area - Police: Stabbing was self-defense. An Oakland California woman will not be prosecuted for the self-defense stabbing of her abusive husband.
Bleeding profusely from a head wound after being slammed into a wall by her husband, who continued to attack her, Shena Goode grabbed a knife and stabbed Anthony James to death in the couple's Oakland home, police said.
There was, of course, a court order restraining him from doing violence. It made no difference to him.

The fight started becuase Goode was talking to a girlfriend that Anthony James "didn't like." By the time the fight reached the kitchen, Shena Goode had a cut on her forehead that would take 20 staples to close. She grabbed a kitchen knife out of the sink and stabbed him in the chest.

What is it about these idiots that makes them think they have the right to control who you do and do not talk to on the phone?

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