Monday, November 14, 2005

Some statistics

JusticeStamford Advocate - Some women feel safer under new law that makes protective orders easier to get. So it's easy to get a court order... Does it do anything for you?
A 2003 federally sponsored study of all protective orders in Quincy, Mass., for instance, showed 49 percent of accused domestic violence suspects had a court order against them but re-offended anyway. A 2000 study found that about 35 percent of women assaulted by a male "intimate" had already taken out court orders against the man, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

In Connecticut, annual statistics show that about 17 percent of domestic violence arrests involve a suspect who violates a court order.
Imagine if the brakes on your car worked 49% of the time. What would you think of brakes? What would you think if they failed 17% of the time? I wouldn't think too much of them.

Yet court orders are held up as THE means to control domestic violence. Even this article, which highlights the failings of court orders, fails to mention any other action a victim can take. Is self-defense such an alien concept?

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