Monday, November 14, 2005

The System Fails to Protect Again

The Seattle Times: Local News: Kitsap shootings blamed on convicted felon who had just made bail. OK - to those on the left who still say that self-defense in not necessary and we should just rely on the police, here is another tragedy you need to explain.
Less than 12 hours after posting bail, Case, 35, of Seattle, who had been arrested for investigation of a domestic offense against Teresa Marie Delisio, 34, shot and wounded her father, Michael Hahn, 58, killed her and then committed suicide at Hahn's house near Olalla, Kitsap County sheriff's deputies said.
Repeated intimidation yielded repeated arrests. A court order stated there was to be "no contact" between the parties, and still we have one innocent dead, another in the hospital - expected to recover.

A gun may not have saved Teresa Delisio's life or kept Michael Hahn out of the hospital, but it is painfully clear that a restraining order, and $75,000 bail did nothing to protect them. The police and the courts were in the end powerless to defend them. Their only chance would have been to defend themselves. It appears however that only Mr. Case was armed.

If someone is bent on destruction and violence, there is very little the system can do you protect you. In those few moments that determine life and death you are on your own. You must take measures to ensure your own safety. A gun may not have saved them - there are no guarantees in this life - but it is damn clear that very little else would save them.
[Image by Oleg Volk, of A-Human-Right]

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