Sunday, December 11, 2005

Do the Math

Telegraph | Opinion | Do the sums, then compare US and Communist crimes from the Cold War. It seems Harold Pinter is still living in the '70s.

Did the US do some bad stuff during the cold war? Certainly. We were at war. We supported dictators who would help us win that war. How did those things done by the US compare to things done by the various Communists Countries?
By comparison, the lowest estimate for the number of people who were killed on political grounds in the last seven years of Stalin's life is five million, and the camps of the gulag - which only a fraud or a fool would liken to American prisons today - kept on killing long after his death. In their new biography, Jung Chang and Jon Halliday reckon Mao was responsible for anything up to 70 million deaths in China. The number of people killed or starved by the North Korean regime may be in the region of 1.6 million. The Khmer Rouge in Cambodia killed between 1.5 and 2 million people.
One of the reasons I am convinced that American public schools no longer teach history - and instead teach a watered-down subject known as Civics - is that history is VERY inconvenient for the Left. The Communists killed millions in the Ukraine before Hitler got started on the Holocaust in Germany, but the news reports from the Soviet Union to the West were mostly sanitized.
Journalists were warned they would be shut out of the trial [of six British engineers working in the Soviet Union who were arrested and charged with sabotage, espionage and bribery] completely if they wrote news stories about the famine. Most of the foreign press corp yielded to the Soviet demand and either didn't cover the famine or wrote stories sympathetic to the official Soviet propaganda line that it didn't exist.
So much for the duty of a free press to inform the public.

The Left is also adverse to talking about "Good and Evil" because if starving 7 million people to death for a political agenda is not evil, then almost nothing is. And the Left (perhaps in the 1930s more than now) could not bear to call the Soviet Union Evil.

So did the US do things and support people I wish we hadn't? Yes. But I am not sorry that we won the Cold War. Harold Pinter may be.

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