Sunday, December 25, 2005

I'm sick to death of this mythical “War on Christmas” - idiotsThere is no war on Christmas. There is a war on every non-Christian Winter Solstice celebration. It is a war that has been waged for centuries.

The Solstice was originally on December 25. This date was then selected by the Christians to celebrate the birth of Jesus in order to stamp out all the other religious observances. When that didn't work, the Catholic church changed the calendar so that Solstice no longer fell on the 25th - further divorcing the real reason for the celebration from the date December 25. What is the real reason for the celebration? Winter Solstice. This has been celebrated in every corner of the world for millenia - even in the European tradition. (Burning a Yule Log and decorating evergreens to celebrate Solstice are older than Christianity.)

When I was a kid, the Christmas season started the day after Thanksgiving. So if you weren't into that holiday, you had one month to bear it. Now Christmas starts in early October, with the Santas showing up in the malls in time to get photos of the kids so that the Christmas Cards made up in plenty of time. (I expect that someday soon people will be wishing me "Merry Christmas" in July.)

Given all of this (and more) it is absurd to claim there is a war on Christmas. In fact you would be hard pressed to find any public recognition of any non-Christian holiday that even comes close to the public recognition given Christmas. How many other religious holidays are also federal holidays?

I have nothing against people celebrating Christmas, but get over this persecution complex of “the war on Christmas.” You could recognize that everyone you meet on the street is not Christian, and that they don't want to be wished a Merry Christmas. If you just say "Happy Holidays" that is more like good manners than most things you could say. It is not a denunciation of your own faith, just a bit of tolerance. Just because you celebrate Christmas, doesn't mean I do.

Someone will of course tell me that this country was founded by Christians. Well Thomas Jefferson edited his bible to remove all references to the supernatural. George Washington was a Mason, and although I don't hold an opinion about whether this is compatible with Christianity or not, I know several Christians who have very strong feelings on the subject. And regardless of what their own religions were, they did not create a Constitution designed to shove Christianity down everyone's throat.

At least it is almost over for another year.

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