Friday, May 05, 2006

Calls to Police Botched in NZ

Victims can't forgive attackers | In the US, 911 calls result in no help. In the UK, police refuse to go near the scene of violent crime. (It's dangerous, don't you know!) Now in New Zealand we learn about a couple left on their own.
It has been 18 months since the Bentleys first appeared on our television screens after being terrorised by armed attackers, who bashed Peter to within an inch of his life. The case made media headlines when it became clear there had been a botch up of their 111 [NZ's version of 911] call.
The couple now knows that they are on their own.
Yes, we have weapons easily and readily available."

Maggie says the couple both have firearms licences.

"We both know the damage a gun can do."

Peter says if the situation ever happened again, they would not be afraid to use the guns.

"Oh I'd kill 'em. Absolutely, there would be no question at all."
The person who provided inside information to the home invaders was sentenced to two years - which may be served under house arrest. So much for deterence in the criminal justice system. [via Alphecca]

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