Tuesday, May 02, 2006

How can you be accused of acting within the law?

Click2Houston.com - News - Police: Woman Shoots Ex-Boyfriend In Self-Defense This is a good story, but it is horrible reporting.

A woman and her ex-boyfriend get into a fight when he shows up at her home. He gets a knife from the kitchen and throws it at her. She picks up a gun and shoots him, sending him to the hospital.

The reporter is a bit confused about the concept of self-defense (and the editor)...
A woman was accused Monday of shooting her ex-boyfriend in self-defense
So she is "accused" of acting within the law.
Police said the shooting appeared to be self-defense.
Appears to be? What else would it be? The guy is violent and if the story is true, he will probably be charged with any number of things including assault with a deadly weapon. [Via KABA]

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