Sunday, May 28, 2006

Is 85% Good Enough?

If the brakes on your car worked 85% of the time, would that be good enough? Yet in the article, | News | Restraining orders useful but limited, 85% is portrayed as a good number when rating effectiveness.
[R]oughly 85 percent of the time, [Family Court Judge Luke] LaVergne said, the measures do succeed in stopping an abuser.
If the brakes in my car only worked 8 or 9 times out if every 10 times I needed to stop, I would not drive.

Restraining orders have their place, but they will not keep you safe.
Lorraine McCormick, a board-certified family law specialist with the Baton Rouge law firm Lee & Walsh, said the public often wrongly views protective orders as “a shield.”

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