Thursday, May 18, 2006

So Can Cops Enter Any House?

Homeowner to cop after dog shot: 'What have you done?': South Florida Sun-Sentinel They made a mistake. They answered an alarm at one home, and went into another home. The home the entered had a Rottweiler, which reacted the way Rotties have always reacted to strangers - with aggression. So of course the police shot the dog. (One of the reasons for having a large dog is to keep strangers at bay.)

But then they kept the homeowner from tending to the dog's injury and let the thing expire. Why? They left the dog there for half an hour before it expired and would not let the owner near the dog. Could a vet have saved the dog in that half hour? We will never know.

But the real question is, can they enter your home at any time and face no repercussions? They made a mistake you say. There was an alarm a few houses down and they got confused. But there is always something going on in the next block, in the next neighborhood, somewhere.

Imagine trying to use that excuse yourself. "I thought I was on the next street over where the speed limit is 45, not 15 in a school zone." You would sound like Steve Martin in his old "I forgot" routine from SNL.

They enter a home with no warrant, and really with no cause since they were in the wrong house (three houses away), and destroy personal property. Should they get off free and clear? Do you think you would get off so easy, if you blundered into the wrong house and shot your neighbors dog?

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