Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Another Story of Cops Out of Control Law officers need training on use of deadly force Or "Death by Cop." Story that ended with no one being shot, but the cops feeling that they "could have shot you when you first exited your house."

First the author reviews some past disasters. This one I remember, though I don't think I blogged about it at the time.
In another instance, a young 17-year-old was, according to his mother, subdued and disarmed when a sheriff’s deputy kicked him repeatedly and shot him in the chest.

The mother had called worrying about her son’s threat of suicide, and the officers removed that worry from her mind — they did the job for him.
No one was to blame... as far as the police were concerned. Glad we could help you with your suicidal boy, lady.

Cops today feel that they can shoot anyone and get away with it. Maybe they can.
My point is this: You don’t send in the Marines to weed your garden. The average home in Buncombe County has no less than four guns, according to the sheriff. Guns are a part of life here, and given the average police response times in the county, anyone who isn’t prepared to defend themselves is courting disaster. The presence of a gun should not trigger an automatic response of deadly force.

Officers have a right to defend themselves with deadly force when their lives are genuinely threatened. They do not have a right to assassinate anyone who frightens them
If the power is out and the phones are dead, and police show up can they shoot everyone? No one is answering the phones (they are out because the power is out), but all of the cars in the driveway are registered to the homeowner. (Gee, we didn't check that.) Should the police shoot anyone they find at home? This is what they *almost* did. What was that he said again? "I could have shot you when you first exited your house." You could be shot for the horrble crime of exiting your home because they have your son on the ground in his own backyard with .45 caliber semi-automatics aimed at his head. What should you do, stay inside and watch them execute your son for NO REASON?

Oh, uh, sorry, it was all a mistake.

Unfortunately, we live in times that would make the Founders cringe.

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