Friday, July 14, 2006

Armed Citizens Foil Robberies Cincinnati - Robber Shot By Clerk During Attempted Robbery
Police say that two people attempted a robbery at Don's Deli on Latham and Beech Streets in Price Hill. After attempting the robbery police say that a gunfight ensued between the two and a clerk at the store. Police say that they don't know who fired first but say that one of the suspects was hit in the eye by a bullet and a clerk suffered minor wounds as a result of the gunfight.
The injured goblin is in the hospital; the other is on the run.

News 14 Carolina - Durham store owner breaks up robbery to save friend A jewelry-store owner sees a friend being held up in the parking lot.
"As they were approaching him," David Lineberry explained, "I see a weapon being produced. I immediately grabbed my weapon and proceeded outside."

Lineberry fired three shots at the suspect, who he says had pointed his gun at him. The suspect ran. Soon after, Durham Police, with the help of a K-9 named Sherlock, tracked down Rashad Rogers in a nearby apartment complex.
The Shreveport Times: Details of Werner Park shooting revealed A business owner is contacted by his alarm company. There is movement in his place of business.
[The business owner] took his pistol, a Rossi .44 Special revolver, and went over to his business, where he discovered a small side window opened.

[The police] said [the goblin] was not armed, but "had taken some weapons from the business and put them in a pile, so the business owner did not know if he was armed or not."
Defending himself, the business owner shot and killed the robber. [Hat tip Civilian Gun Self-defense Blog]

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