Thursday, July 20, 2006

A Better Boston-based Story of Women and the Shooting Sports - Boston Women Empowered By Pulling The Trigger Yesterday I reported on a story in the Boston Globe about women and shooting that was damn near insulting. Today there is another story about women and shooting in the Boston area that is much better.

This story is a profile of a local chapter of Second Amendment Sisters that meet regularly in the Boston area for shooting.
(CBS4) BOSTON When it comes to gun ownership, women are a growing market. You don't have to look any further than Boston to find out why.

It's the fourth Friday of the month, and as gunshots ring out, members of the Second Amendment Sisters are practicing at the Boston Gun and Rifle Association. They're target shooting with handguns. Why? "It's fun, it's empowering," says Jacqueline Scott.
On the whole it is a very positive article. They list a few very logical reasons for participating in the shooting sports.
  • Fun - was mentioned right away
  • Women living alone want protection
  • Relaxation - you have to concentrate on what you are doing
  • Camaraderie
They do include the obligatory anti-gun comment, but this is at the end and half-hearted. The problem of course is that comment is false, yet it is presented as truth. Both gun accidents and gun crime are down substantially since 1998, and there are a lot more - millions more - guns in America since then. The statistics can be found here. You can contact CBS4 here if you wish to.

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