Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Boston's Big Dig Tunnel Fails, Kills 1

Woman killed in Boston Big Dig tunnel fall Boston's 14 billion dollar boondogle claimed a life Monday night when a section of the tunnel's roof colapsed, crushing a car.

Authorities are quick to claim that the rest of the tunnel is safe.
Massachusetts Turnpike Authority Chairman Matthew Amorello said he didn't believe safety was compromised elsewhere in the tunnel system
How they know that is anyone's guess. Did they know this section was unsafe? If so, why was it not closed. If they thought this section was safe, why are they telling anyone anything about the rest of the tunnel. Of course the sections of the tunnel that use similar construction are being inspected.

The damn thing only was finished in 2003... And this isn't the first set of problems... WaPo reported on problems (specifically, leaks) that have plagued the tunnel (26 million gallons worth in one year.) Don't think I will fly into Logan airport anytime soon.

And before you laugh at the Bostonians, the federal government paid for about 90% of the Big Dig.... that's you and me folks. The federal government needs to get out of the business of funding pork projects like this. A blank check just means that people will do anything - they don't have to pay for it, after all.

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