Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Calls to 911, Running Away - 2 things the Left Recommends

KGMB9 - Crash Survivor's Desperate Calls to 911 In this case calls to 911 and an attempt to flee ends in the deaths of two women.
She told the operator she and two other women in their Honda sedan, Pua Santa Isabel and Casey Swain, were racing to escape her ex-boyfriend, 41-year-old Vernon Costa. Then, their car was smashed from behind.
Seven miles later the cars crashed. Pua Santa Isabel and Casey Swain were ejected from the car, and showed no life signs at the scene. They were both pronounced dead at the hospital.

In theory, Hawaii is a "May Issue" state. In practice, there are virtually no concealed carry permits issued in the state. Citizens are supposed to call 911 and rely on police. Witness the result in this case.
"We need somebody," Nardin screamed. "He banged us in the back. He banged us in the back. Please, he's going to kill us. Please."

The operator then asked Nardin if she knew who was chasing them.

"Vernon Costa. Vernon Costa," she shouted. "We need help. Please, please." Ref.
What the hell difference did it make who was chasing them? Why take the time to ask a question? I guess it made sense to someone.

If one of the 3 women in the car that night had been armed, would they have had to risk a high-speed run for their lives? If any law-abiding citizen at the gathering they were attending prior to the chase had been able to come to their assistance would these to women be dead? We will never know the answer to those questions. We only know what happened in a state that disarms women in violent relationships.

The goblin is in custody, charged with all manner of things. Cold comfort to the families of the victims.

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