Monday, July 24, 2006

Don't Borrow Trouble - News - Police Say Neighbor Dies Chasing Burglar This tragedy resulted from bringing a knife bat to a gunfight, and also from trying to confront a criminal when there was no threat to life or safety.

A few days ago, a man confronted a knife wielding maniac who was chasing someone around the parking lot. He confronted said maniac with a 9mm firearm. The situation ended. There was a visible threat to life and limb.

In this story there was a burglar in someone's house. Otherwise the house was empty of people. The police had been called, and there was just no reason to confront anyone. There was really no reason to confront anyone with a baseball bat. Since criminals tend to carry firearms, you can bet you will be met with superior firepower.

I am prepared to confront a criminal in my own home - if we are both here at the same time he is a reasonable threat to my safety. But I will not put myself at risk for material possessions. I would like to hope that I have the courage to go to the aid of a fellow citizen, as the guy in the knife-attack story did, but I have never found myself in that situation so I honestly don't know.

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