Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Draconian Gun Laws Didn't Stop Slaying

Alphecca: In DC: Blow A Whistle, Run Home... Jeff at Alphecca has the best take on this story of a brutal killing in DC. (The WaPo story is Slaying Suspects Linked to Holdups)

Disarming law-abiding citizens has not made the District of Columbia safer. It has only cleared the way for criminals intent on mayhem. This wasn't a robbery gone wrong.
Rice had told his accomplices before the robbery that he was going to "cut" somebody.
And that is what he did. He set out to kill someone. You cannot reason with people like this. If you give them your money there is no guarantee they will leave you alone. The victim did give up his valuables, and still ended up dead.

Anyway go take a look at the stuff at Alphecca - he got an email from someone who attended a town meeting in DC. It will disgust you.

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