Monday, July 10, 2006

He Loved Her So Much...

He just had to kill her.   ** Updated **

The Cincinnati Post - Killer who says he deserves to die will -- Wednesday This guy is a real winner:
LEBANON [Ohio] - Rocky Barton beat one of his ex-wives with a shotgun, stabbed her three times, cut her throat and left her for dead. She survived.

Kimbirli Jo Barton - Rocky Barton's fourth wife - wasn't so lucky. He killed her with a point-blank blast from a .410-gauge shotgun.
This is bad enough, but his "excuse" makes me sick.
"I couldn't stand the thought of living without her," Barton said in a death-row interview last month. "I was more in love than I've ever been in my life."
This guy and others like him aren't in love with women. They are in love with being in control. Their egos won't let them admit she is leaving.... probably for good reason.

(And yes I know, there is no such thing as ".410-gauge" anything. See this post for info on the .410 bore.)

Barton is scheduled to die by lethal injection Wednesday.

Update, July 11, 2006: Tam has more on this waste-of-space.

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