Sunday, July 23, 2006

I Think the State of Louisiana is Trying to Shift the Blame

La. Doctors Outraged at Murder Accusation - The State of Louisiana is trying to blame 4 deaths from the aftermath of Katrina on some doctors and nurses. Medical professionals who spent 4 days taking care of people - sick people - that the City of New Orleans and the State of Louisiana had abandoned, because first they did nothing (not even follow their own evacuation plan), then they blamed Washington, then they spent all of their time evacuating able-bodied people from the Superdome - since those people decided that they had no responsibility (as responsible adults do) to take care of themselves.

The proof that people in the hospital were killed? They had sedatives and painkillers in their system. The last time I was in the hospital for an extended stay, I was their mostly to get painkillers at a level I could not take at home.... And who would need a sedative in the middle of a disater, when the temperature in the hospital was over 100 degrees, and the plumbing didn't work?

Could it be that the powers that be in the State of LA and City of New Orleans are trying to get out from under the blame of not doing anything? No, since no one is blaming them for what happened last year.... there is too much happening this year.

ABC News: Murders Down, Arrests Up in New Orleans. Brining in the National Guard to patrol the streets have improved things - instead of 20 murders per month, there are now about 10 per month. This hardly makes NOLA a place in which I would want to spend my vacation.

So what's a bureaucrat - who may or may not be facing election in the fall - to do? Change the subject.

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