Thursday, July 27, 2006

Life in a War Zone... the War on Drugs that is.

Some doubts were raised about an earlier story.... Most of the problems we have with police killing innocents stem from the war on drugs. SWAT teams and military tactics make this a war in truth. Civilians die in war, which is why it needs to be clear that war is fought for a reason. The reason for the war on drugs seems to have become, "Because that's the way we've always done things." In a war there are 2 sides. The police are one side, and more and more it appears that everyone else is on the other side.

Prohibition didn't work in the 1920s with alcohol. It doesn't work today. It won't work next week. "Continuing to do the same thing and expecting different results is one definition of insanity." Has the "war on drugs" even reduced drug usage in this country? As long as we keep doing the same things, we will live with (or die with) the same results.

Pedro Oregon Navarro: Police officers "enter" his home with NO warrant. Shoot him multiple times. Enter is a euphemism for kicking in his door. He was not involved in anything criminal. The police were in his house - without a warrant - because a lying, drunk "informer" hoped to reduce his own problems by turning over someone else. A few hours of investigation would have shown this to be the case. So, if they had followed the dictates of the Constitution, Pedro Oregon Navarro would not have died that day... not at the hands of police anyway. So much for the 4th Amendment to the Constitution.

Donald Scott: Killed during a drug raid. The police lied to obtain the search warrant because they were hoping to seize a multi-million dollar ranch. No drugs were found. The guy didn't even smoke.

Alberto Sepulveda: Boy's death ruled accidental - 11 year old shot in the back during a drug raid. I guess he posed a threat.

Annie Rae Dixon: An 84-year-old who was bedridden shot in a drug raid. "Accidentally" shot. Most gunnies would say this was a negligent discharge. (Officer negligently fired his gun after kicking in the bedroom door and slipping and bumping into the door frame. So much for the rules of safe gun handling. But then the rules don't appear to apply to police.)

Mario Paz: 65-year-old man fatally shot in the back - another drug raid. Not only was there NO evidence this guy was involved in anything,
El Monte Assistant Police Chief Bill Ankeny said he was unsure if his department's narcotics unit even knew whether the family was living at the Compton home when it was raided by the SWAT team.
Just in the wrong place I guess.

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