Sunday, July 30, 2006

Man Attacks Wife, Then Commits Suicide

WISH-TV - Indianapolis News and Weather - Domestic Violence in Carmel Example of an Indiana Problem So much for restraining orders. She had one, it did nothing.
Carmel police say 43-year-old April Jones' estranged husband was shooting at her from a pickup truck as she was driving into work at 96th Street and College Avenue. She reportedly made the call while she was driving and 59-year-old Jay Richard Jones was shooting. She was not hurt, but one bullet hit her car.
She is lucky he was a bad shot. After police showed up, he killed himself.

Say it again.
Authorities said Jones actually had a restraining order against her husband...

"Sometimes that doesn't mean anything to a person and that woman should be able to kind of feel that out and if she does, she needs to seek immediate help," [Carlene Richardson of the Julian Center] said.
Look what good it did in this case. What percentage of the time should restraining orders work, before I trust my life to them?

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