Friday, July 14, 2006

Microsoft Strikes Again

Security Fix - Unpatched Powerpoint Flaw Exploited Or is that "strikes out?"
Online criminals are taking advantage of an unpatched security hole in Microsoft's Office products again. Security experts say they've spotted a flaw in the Powerpoint slide-presentation program being exploited in the wild.

This undocumented flaw does not appear to have been addressed in any of the 13 security updates Microsoft shipped this week to mend a variety of problems in Office software.
All too many companies use PowerPoint for too much communication. (Things are NOT clearer when done with pretty graphics people.)
And if all of this Office craziness has you spooked, you might consider switching over to OpenOffice, an open-source and free alternative. It looks and feels a lot like MS Office, and can do pretty much everything Microsoft's products can. If you're interested and would like a primer on OpenOffice, check out this writeup.
MS has gotten the last red cent from me they will ever see. I still use Windows, but since my main uses of the PC are Internet browsing (and blogging) and writing with an occasional spreadsheet, OpenOffice, Mozilla and the new Linux (with the GNOME desktop) will work just fine. Or perhaps a Mac, since the new video tools Apple has put together look very interesting.

Every product that comes from Microsoft seems to be filled with problems. IE and Outlook are famous for problems and hacks. Now Office is a problem. These issues come down to poor design. If the problem was in the execution - poorly written code - this would have been fixed years ago. Bad design is much harder to get rid of.

Of course I also believe that they just don't care. Why should they when so many people contiune to buy the junk they produce, complete with all the problems.

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