Thursday, July 20, 2006

News Flash: People Scared of Crime Look to Security

Serial crimes spur gun sales, security safeguards Does this really count as news? People scared by a serial shooter, and general crime problems are buying guns, pepper spray and alarm systems.
During most weeks, Armor Security will receive 50 to 60 inquiries for alarm systems, Willis said, but during the last two weeks, the company has received 75 to 80 inquiries per week.

Half that increase came from women who live alone, the majority of whom reside in south Scottsdale, Willis said.
Women being stalked are finally begining to realize that they can take action to defend themselves.
Yadira Martinez of south Phoenix said she was going to buy a 9 mm Smith & Wesson last Friday night at Arizona Tactical because of the recent serial shootings and because a man has been stalking her for the last two months.
With luck the goblin stalking her will read this and think twice about what he is doing. Failing that she is in a position to blow his brains out should he attack her.

I still feel this isn't quite a news article. Maybe to the Left it is surprising that people who feel threatened can do something besides call 911 and pray.

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