Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Reality Strikes the Wealthy Neighborhoods of Washington, D.C.

Robberies On Mall A Trend, Chief Says the subtitle is telling...
Holdups Occurring In D.C. Areas Once Considered Safe
Is it just me or does anyone else find this surprising?
"This is a big difference from what we've seen in years past," Ramsey said, noting that criminals tended to stick within a mile of their homes when setting out for a night of robbery or burglary. "And it's a pattern that we've been tracking."
Some of the reactions are also interesting. When the [Cherry] Ride (for example) discusses DC: Our Nation's Crime Emergency, the thought that Georgetown has been violated is greeted with astonishment.
People have been mugged and assaulted on the National Mall for [f$&#'s] sake (how the hell does THAT happen??) and some guy got his throat slit in the driveway of a mansion --in Georgetown!
I find it difficult to believe that these areas were safe for so long. Were they safe, or was it only the perception that they were safe. I guess if you believe the Chief of Police...

When my uncle went big-game hunting, he went to were there was big game. When my dad took me fishing, we went to were the fishing was good. (This included one trip to Canada, and several to the Ozarks - but then my dad is serious about fish.) I guess I am giving too much credit to your average urban goblin.

I wonder how long the residents of Georgetown will be willing to remain unarmed victims? But then if they are true-believers in the anti-gun message, perhaps they are happy with the state of affairs - namely, that law-abiding are disarmed, and lawless are armed and bent on mayhem.

I also wonder how long people will play at being the "target in the arcade" when the Mall is no longer safe?

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