Thursday, July 20, 2006

Restraining Orders Don't Stop Death by Beating

Two restraining orders fail to stop two deaths.

Hot Springs Woman Beaten To Death
Thirty-eight-year-old Julie Doncheske, a mother and grandmother, was found beaten to death at her home.
Police are looking for her ex-boyfriend, Shannon Fast Horse. Doncheske had broken up with Fast Horse about a week prior to her death and obtained a restraining order. Fast Horse is only a "person of interest" at this point.

Suspect in beating death had restraining order Anthony Sandoval is accused of beating 40-year-old David Conti to death for the crime of walking Sandoval's ex-girlfriend to her car early Sunday morning. Conti died of brain injuries from having his head pounded on the ground.

Of course I have to point out that no weapons were used. No firearms. No sharp objects. What will the nannies ban after guns and knives? Hard pavement? Bare hands? People bent on destruction and mayhem will probably always be with us. No one will know what the outcome of either of these confrontations would have been had anyone at the scene been armed. We only know what happened when the victims were unarmed.

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