Monday, July 24, 2006

Self-defense in Michigan

WWMT - Fatal shooting apparently in self-defense, police say Battle Creek turned into a battle zone, for short period.
Detectives say the 58-year-old homeowner, whose name is not being released, told them Bailey had come to the house with a hammer, looking for money. Neighbors say Bailey attacked the resident with the hammer and a struggle ensued. The resident then shot Bailey in the chest with a .50 caliber muzzle loading rifle.
A .50 caliber ball from a muzzle-loader at close range... this would really ruin anybody's day. Though I guess it could have been a sabotted slug. If so, that was probably hollow-point, or something similar for hunting. Yikes!

38-year-old David Bailey was pronounced dead at the scene.

Anyway the police believe the homeowner, but it will be up to the DA to determine if charges will be filed. I think (if memory serves) that Michigan just passed the Castle Doctrine, so maybe no charges will be filed.

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