Monday, July 17, 2006

So You Trust the Authorities, Do You?

Keep and Bear Arms brings us stories everyday of police abusing their power. Certainly most police officers are decent people, but some are crooks, and some are bigots. Having the unfortunate experience of meeting several bigots in uniform, I no longer explicitly trust our public servants.

Retired cop to try drunk-and-crazy defense
The retired cop from New Springville accused of killing a hero Port Authority police officer in a barrage of bullets three months ago plans to claim he was drunk and insane at the time.
So I can get away with anything if I plead that I was drunk? I would like to believe that this "defense" will meet the fate it deserves, but I don't trust juries today that much.

Journal Gazette | 07/15/2006 | Suit alleges ex-officer falsely arrested, held resident
The latest suit against Thomas and the city of Fort Wayne was filed Thursday in Allen Superior Court and alleges that Thomas wrongfully arrested Printess Fomby on Aug. 19, 2005, and did not properly release him when an individual said Fomby was not the right man. Fomby said he was walking to his McKinnie Street home when Thomas stopped him, drew his service pistol and yelled at him that he was under arrest, stating, “You had got away – why’d you come back, you dumb (expletive)?” according to the suit.
I mean, be reasonable, why should a little thing like eye-witness testimony keep a police officer from holding someone?

Rogue ex-trooper voices remorse
An undercover State Police trooper turned drug dealer, Hernandez, 39, was convicted April 27 of conspiracy to distribute cocaine and marijuana, witness tampering, official misconduct, money laundering and racketeering conspiracy.
Now all of these people have been caught and are off the street. But they don't represent 100% of the problem....

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