Monday, July 24, 2006

Suicide Bomber Stopped

Calhoun Times: Calhoun Marine has close call in Iraq. You always hear about the bombers that succeed in killing people. This is the story of a US Marine, who stopped a bomber.
Lance Cpl. Lawrence F. Hiller, a 24-year-old Marine machine gunner, who was on post that morning when he fired his M249 G machine gun at the suicide bomber’s truck as it sped towards the Marines’ post.

Hiller, 24, from Austin, Texas, spotted the truck on a major highway in Karabilah, another border city in western Al Anbar Province, where Marines and Iraqi soldiers maintain one of several security checkpoints.

The truck’s license plates matched a list of suspected insurgents, said Hiller. An Iraqi soldier manning the security checkpoint along the road stopped the truck to investigate. When the truck made a sudden dash towards the Marines’ position, Hiller was ready behind his machine gun.

“I couldn’t believe the guy in the truck was actually thinking about attacking a Marine base,” said Hiller, a machine gunner with the Twenty-nine Palms, Calif.-based 1st Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment. “It didn’t take long to realize what was going on and I knew what I had to do.”
What he had to do was open fire on the truck. He did, setting off the bomb early. Way to go Marine!

One of his buddies had a close call as a result of the explosion.
Thanks to the protection from his body armor Lance Cpl. Christopher G. West survived a car bomb attack in this Iraqi-Syrian border city of about 30,000.

The protective plate insert inside the 40-pound body armor vest was strong enough to stop a sharp, foot-long piece of metal from wounding West, after a suicide bomber detonated prematurely just inside the barrier of the Marines outpost, July 13, 2006.
Do you think the MSM will pick up this story? [hat tip Toys in the Attic Cpl. West is J's nephew.]

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