Tuesday, July 25, 2006

WaPo Thinks Your View of a Biased Media is all in Your Head

Two Views of the Same News Find Opposite Biases The Washington Post tries to explain away bias as a matter of perception. Of course our perceptions do color what we see, but that doesn't eliminate bias in the media.
The experiment, of course, did not address whether news reports were in fact biased -- who would decide? -- or how the media ought to cover conflicts.
Who would decide?

So it isn't media bias when the MSM print "statements" from the likes of the Brady Bunch without bothering to check if they are true.

It isn't media bias when they print - either in the editorial pages, or quotes from the Brady Bunch in the "news" section (or both) - predictions of Wild West Shootouts, and Vigilante Justice, every time another state attempts to pass concealed carry or Castle Doctrine laws. Printing these predictions (over and over and over again), when there are many states who have these laws and don't have these problems is not bias.

It isn't bias when no mention is ever made of the defensive use of guns, or if they do mention a positive/defensive use of a gun, they follow it up with 50 or 100 mentions of the "horrors of guns."

It isn't bias when they print "statistics" from the Brady Bunch that count 19-year-olds as "children" killed by guns, and fail to mention that a fair number of those "children" are engaged in drug deals, gang wars, or are killed in self-defense. (If some of these people were arrested, they would have been tried as adults... not as children, but that doesn't make it bias.)

(Or my favorite) It isn't bias when the MSM - the Boson Globe and Detroit Free Press in this case - printed as fact, stories of events that never happened. (Fiction in the "news" section? Whoda thunkit?) [Actually, the Freep story was just stupid... the B-Globe story was pure bias... a story about something they didn't like, so they didn't bother to check the facts. The "facts" of the story fit with their bias.]


If none of this is bias, what is it? If "fake but accurate" isn't bias, what is? If the New York Times rushing to expose every program we have in the war on terror isn't bias, what is it? (Well in that last case, you could make a good argument that it's treason.)

Update: Ace has a story that also doesn't meet the bias criteria of the MSM.
Violence, murder, and political assassination [are] only "cute" when suggested by leftwing bastards and twats.
Cute maybe, but it isn't bias.

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