Tuesday, October 10, 2006

It's Time for Walks and Vigils

Yes, dear reader, it is once again time for the Loony Left™ to do things that have no real meaning and no chance at all of making an impact, just so they can pretend they are doing something. Apparently doing something stupid is better than taking the time to come up with an actual solution.

You see, it is "Domestic Violence Awareness Month."

Even the name sucks - it should be something like "Stamp Out Domestic Violence Month" or "Teach Abused Partners to Defend Themselves Month." But that would take effort, and would likely involve those nasty, evil guns. Hell I would even settle for something like "Let's Get People To Recognize that Restraining Orders Won't Protect You Month."

RTBAVHere are 2 typical events: Here's a thought, schedule a session of "Refuse to Be a Victim" in your area. That will at least give you some means to defend yourself.

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