Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Last of the Nimitz-class Aircraft Carriers

New Aircraft Carrier Christened In Honor of George H.W. Bush - I'm surprised that they name ships after still-living people. (OK, I don't think G HW B is going to be embroiled in a scandal, but even so...)
The George H.W. Bush, longer than three football fields and with about 97,000 tons of displacement, is the 10th and last of the Nimitz-class carriers that project American military power to every corner of the globe. The Pentagon is designing the next generation of aircraft carriers, with the first ship's delivery expected in 2015, a Pentagon spokesman said.
Will be interesting to see what the future holds, and if things like the littoral warfare ships and the new stealth destroyers take over some of the functions of force projection that the big carriers fill today.

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