Saturday, October 21, 2006

PA to expedite CCW for Victims

The York Daily Record - Bill seeks to expedite violence victims' guns The Second Amendment Sisters and the NRA are in favor, the Loony Left™ is opposed. (Bad things might happen if women tried to defend themselves after all.) Law Enforcement is (at least in the person of their spokesman) covering all bases.

The article is completely biased. The first thing - after the headline and the by-line is a statement of fear from the Left.
statehouse bill to speed up the process for issuing the victims of domestic violence a license to carry a concealed gun worries Twilah Shipley, the director of ACCESS-York.
A discussion of what the bill actually says is buried in the middle of the story.
Metcalfe said the bill would empower somebody who is fully eligible to carry a gun to protect herself. The victims aren't limited to abusive domestic relationships; the bill could apply to anybody facing imminent danger, such as a witness testifying against a gangster.

"We have seen where police could not act," Metcalfe said. "People who have had the ability to use a firearm protected themselves, a child or a neighbor and stopped the perpetrator."
While we get 2 quotes from Lefty orgs opposed, and one quote from a cop seeing a problem of balance and safety, and a statement from the bills author. We get nothing from groups supporting the measure, and no hard data about defensive uses of firearms. Hardly a surprise. [h/t KABA]

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