Monday, October 02, 2006

Police Cannot Prevent Atttacks

Good Guys 2, Bad Guys 0

Store owner kills robbery suspect | A 76-year-old jeweler stopped an attack at his store by defending himself. One goblin was shot and killed, the other is under arrest.

But the key point was made by police.
Dozens of officers were on the scene minutes after the shooting was reported at 10:56 a.m., but Indianapolis Police Department Chief Michael Spears said officers could do little to prevent this kind of "brazen" attack. [my emphasis, Z-Deb]

"Two apparently able-bodied young men decided they would try to victimize an honest store owner," Spears said. "Now we have one man dead and another who is probably going to spend a significant amount of his life in prison."
Police cannot respond to a crime before that crime is committed. They cannot be there to "save" you. They show up after the fact, and collect evidence, take statements, notify the victims' families.

In this case they will notifying the family of Corey Artry, 18, that he was killed while committing a robbery. (He is NO victim!) They will also be informed that his brother, Nicholas Artry, 20, is under arrest charged with robbery and murder.
The murder charge arises from the allegation that he was involved in a crime that led to a death.
Dozens of officers arrived after the fact; not one was there before the attack.

In those few moments when danger strikes, you are on your own. No one is going to save you; you need to save yourself. [h/t KABA and OFCC]
Oleg Volk: 2 ways to defend yourself
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