Saturday, October 21, 2006

Two Attempted Robberies - Two Robbers Shot

WVNS-TV – Would-Be Burglar Shot and Killed In Mercer Countya
State Police say Adam Lee Bennett shattered a door of Rodney Hendrick’s home about 11 p.m. Wednesday.

Hendrick, who had been sleeping, grabbed a gun and confronted Bennett, who was standing at the door, police said.

Hendrick then opened fire, hitting Bennett in the chest, police said.
Wife of liquor store owner shoots robber
HUGO, Okla. Police say the wife of a liquor store owner shot an armed robber in the shoulder with her pistol and when that didn't stop him, she fired a shotgun blast at his midsection.
The first guy died at the house he was breaking into. The second guy was sent to the hospital in critical condition. [h/t KABA]

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