Friday, October 27, 2006

A University Professor Who Gets It?

LibertyHe will no doubt be fired for having the nerve to state the obvious.

Newswise | Expert Applauds Effort To Teach Children To Combat School Shooters
Charles Smith, professor of family studies and human service at K-State's College of Human Ecology, wrote "Raising Courageous Kids: Eight Steps to Practical Heroism." When he heard about a school district in Texas that is training its students to fight back against an attacker, Smith thought the idea was right-on.

"Yes, finally somebody is really looking at this and saying, 'Don't be a lamb,'" he said. "It's telling kids to keep their heads up and to defend themselves with a sense of honor and self-respect."

Smith said fighting back and fighting for your life is a message that's been delivered to adults as a self-defense tactic for years, and that it's about time children start hearing the same thing.
Being a lamb - like what the kids at Columbine High School were told to do ("hide under your desks") - will only make the the mutants' job of killing as many as possible easier.
"And, adults still have to assume the primary responsibility to do all they can to protect children at all grade levels," he said.
But the people who go into teaching today - where they are tested for having the correct "social attitudes" - are not likely to be big into self-defense (or self-reliance in any form). [via KABA]

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