Monday, October 23, 2006

When is a Staight Man Not a Straight Man?

OK, I'm Really Confused - or maybe it is just that they are...

When do "straight" men have sex with other men? Independent Gay Forum - Gay Men Vs. ‘MSM’ MSM in this context is a term coined by our illustrious Centers for Disease Control. It stands for "Men who have sex with men." It is a group that the CDC studies in trying to understand aids.

Apparently there are a fair number of men who have sex with other men who do NOT identify as either gay (homosexual is such a non-PC term today) or bisexual. Huh?
However, over the years, "MSM" came to have a sort of plausibility. There are large numbers of men who have and may well prefer sex with other men, but who use a variety of rationalizations to evade acknowledgment of their homosexuality or bisexuality, and the CDC's MSM designation did manage to include them without seeming threatening
Talk about being in the closet. You can't admit who you are even to yourself.

Here are few definitions, in case any of you are wondering. If you have sex only with members of your own gender, you are gay. If you have sex with members of both (all?) genders you are bisexual. (Unless of course you are in the Church of Scientology, then you are Tom Cruise.)
According to Reuters, fully 10 percent of the men in the survey who identified themselves as "straight" said in the past year they had sex with one or more men but no woman. And that figure is undoubted low since telephone surveys traditionally encounter the greatest degree of cover-up of homosexual activity.
Add to that the 9 percent of men who admit to being gay, bi (or selected "unsure" - I don't even want to know how you can be unsure) and the numbers are "interesting."

Oh, and all of those "straight" men having sex with other men seem to be having a lot of unsafe sex.
They were also less likely to have used a condom during their most recent sexual activity with a man. But if they think that by denying that they are gay or bisexual they are protected from AIDS, they are denying reality. And denying reality invariably has a cost.

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