Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Why Can't They Accept that It's Over?

St. Paul Pioneer Press | 10/17/2006 | Terrified kids flee mother's slaying I just don't get it.
The 35-year-old man, whose wife was divorcing him, relatives said, allegedly beat and stabbed her to death in front of their children at their home on River Woods Lane. Police said he then committed suicide.
Apparently these folks who kill their wives/husbands/children then kill themselves feel they want to take someone with them or punish someone. Why?

This kind of thing happens all too often. I used to write about it quite frequently, but I found reading all of the stories of assaults and death - some gruesome - was too much to take on a daily or even weekly basis. Reading the chronicle of our inhumanity to one another was depressing.

But I still stumble on them from time-to-time, and I still don't understand. Suicide is bad enough - get some counseling and get on with your life. Nothing is that bad - I won't discuss end-of-life issues, because these people (men and women) are not in chronic pain. But why murder anyone?

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