Saturday, October 21, 2006

Women and the Shooting Sports

Great Falls Tribune - - Great Falls, MT More women are involved in hunting and target shooting every year. The number of women hunters is up 78% from five years ago and the number of target shooters is up 50% over the same period.
"Women today account for just over 15 percent of the shooting, hunting and firearms marketplace, which could equate to $420 million in commerce this year alone." projects the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), the industry trade association.

Why the increase?

"More and more women are discovering that hunting and shooting sports are great family activities," said Doug Painter, NSSF president. "It's a new awareness borne from many programs introducing females to these traditionally male sports, along with a growing list of manufacturers who design products especially for, and retailers who cater to, women."
Most encouraging is that the number of young girls involved in the shooting sports is growing rapidly.
In just the past two years, participation among teenage girls in NSSF's Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) rose 178 percent.

In a 2005 SCTP survey, 94 percent of parents said competitive shooting is a positive influence in their child's development. Overwhelmingly, parents observed improved responsibility, teamwork, sportsmanship and leadership skills. In fact, 98 percent of SCTP parents believe shooting is just as important as other sports, and 94 percent would support shotgun sports as a school-based athletic program.
All good stuff for the future of the Second Amendment. [h/t KABA]

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