Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Nice News Report on Home Security

10NBC / What do you do .... if someone breaks into your home? This is the standard list of things-to-do are covered in most home security courses. Locks (specifically, dead-bolts), peep-holes to see who is at your door, etc.

They always say lock your bedroom door and call 911 if you hear someone in your house. Of course if you have kids, you need to make sure they are safe before you barricade yourself somewhere.

I thought they could have done more. When I was teaching NRA classes, we recommended that you keep your cell phone - if you had one - in your bedroom. For 2 reasons. If you have an alarm system, it will take over your phone for a short period. Also, if the goblin knows you are home, he may have cut your regular phone line. (Not all home invaders are simple burglars.) Just keep the cellphone and charger on the nightstand.

The most amazing thing about this report is that they actually mention the f-word, firearms. The police in that county offer a firearms safety class, and they tell you how to get more info about it. And this is in Rochester, NY. [KABA]

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