Friday, October 12, 2007

6 hours for police response to 911 call - Has DPD Response Time Improved As Promised? Actually it was 6 hours and 47 minutes.

Now they don't say if this is a priority 1 call or not, I would hope not, but if I can't get a response to a 911 call in 6 hours, am I going to call? (Why wouldn't I call the non-emergency number and schedule an appointment for tomorrow?)
In the month of May alone, more than 4,000 911 calls took longer than two hours to answer.
Oh, and having a monitored alarm system installed to deter burglars? Not likely to help.
A call from an alarm company is considered a priority three, so it's often held until the other calls are answered.
So if you are home when someone breaks in, don't expect that call from the alarm company to bring help in any reasonable time. You are on your own.
"What if we were home and unable to respond to the alarm company calling?" [the victim of a burglary] said. "There is no way the police know that we were not here, trapped."
So here is another arrow in the quiver of the Left - call 911 (or have an alarm do it) - completely debunked.

When you are confronted with a violent criminal, seconds matter. The police are minutes (or hours) away.

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