Saturday, October 20, 2007

Another Reason to Homeschool Your Kids

AP: Sexual misconduct plagues US schools - Yahoo! News Some of these cases are ancient, some less so, some contemporary. They are all disturbing.

One that caught my eye - not the worst, just for the attitude of the authorities.
In case after case the AP examined, accusations of inappropriate behavior were dismissed. One girl in Mansfield, Ohio, complained about a sexual assault by teacher Donald Coots and got expelled. It was only when a second girl, years later, brought a similar complaint against the same teacher that he was punished.
Accuse an authority figure and be punished. That to me sums up the attitudes of today's "educators" toward their students.

It isn't the worst incident.

I wonder if this story - which reaches farther than clergy abuse - will get the same play other stories got. I doubt it. Big Media is much more interested in demonizing clergy than the guardians of their socialist paradise. Couldn't call that media bias, now, could you?

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